Overwatch will be your eye in the sky giving your company the ability to monitor and track all of your projects in real time. We offer weekly or biweekly aerial progress reports for the life of any project.

        We will create high definition 2D and 3D maps of your site and overlay your CAD or similar files directly over the maps. This feature allows management to reference building plans against real time progress. Using our services your company can catch problems early, and provide proof of installation for stakeholders and managers. 

       Survey-grade topographical information as well as cut and fill volumetric calculations are also available to monitor earthwork during initial phases of development. All data is collected without interrupting progress thanks to our unmanned aerial systems which are operated from outside of the construction site. 

        All processed data will be uploaded to a password protected page on our website that only authorized individuals from your company will have access to 24/7. 

         Upon completion of the project we are able to supply your marketing team with photos  and time lapse video. 

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